Tesco have announced that they are closing their Cardiff call centre that is based on Maes-Y-Coed Road in the Heath area. The close will result in the loss of 1100 jobs, some of which have been employed there for 11 years. 

This is just one of a number of mass bottle necks of employment in Cardiff and the surrounding towns and Cities, such as the recent closure of Barclays in Cardiff and the inevitable close of Tata Steel in Port Talbot who have reportable been loosing one million pounds a day. This one however has hit home with me personally as a number of my good friends are now out of the job with Kids at home.

Carwyn Jones, of the welsh assembly, said that he has “spoken to the chief executive of tesco to express my concern about the proposals”

We went on to say that his “thoughts are with the workforce, those individuals will also be affected and their families who won’t know their future in terms of where they’ll be working”

He assured us that he “pressed on the chief executive in the need for a decent and generous package for the workers there” and “offered whatever we could help but we need to offer as a government and of course there will be help available to those who are affected by the closure”

The closure of the call centre and the devastating loss of jobs, particularly of young individuals, just reiterates the fact that Wales has one of the highest unemployment rates of young people in the United Kingdom, with the percentage of jobless persons at a eleven year low. In fact only the north east of Britain and London have a higher unemployment rate of the younger persons. This rises the issue and concern of how Wales will suffer in a post Brexit UK, especially with the continued detriment experienced in frequent loss of jobs on such a large scale.

Our team in Cardiff, certainly understand the struggle, as unemployment in the less privileged areas of the city have high rates of unemployment.

Best of luck to all those suffering after the close of Tesco.