Skip Trader Registration

Cardiff has fallen in line with the rest of the UK government’s initiatives to limit environmental damage which has made it necessary to control waste management. So the first thing you need to do when you hire a skip in Cardiff is to get your permit. Skip traders are now required to register as a skip trader so that Cardiff Council can regulate the   number of skips placed on the highway.  It is also necessary for the skip trader to apply for a skip permit once they have registered.

The skip trader will need to fill in a registration form and submit together with the form, copies of their Public Liability Insurance Certificate, Waste Carriers License Certificate, Goods Vehicle Operators License (Form OL1).  These documents can be emailed to [email protected] or handed in to: Highways Asset Management, Cardiff Council County Hall, Cardiff, CF104UW.

Click on the link below to access the Cardiff Council application for registration of Skip Trader/Company:

Skip Permit Application

A skip permit application needs to be done no less than one working day in advance.

By accessing the MiPermit portal at Cardiff Council’s website, navigate to ‘Buy Virtual                  Permits’ tab.

Skip Traders will need to familiarize themselves with the Terms & Conditions which in                 summary are:

  • Owners name and telephone number (24 hour availability) to be clearly marked on the skip
  • The Skip needs to be placed outside or adjacent to the location applies for, ensuring that verges and road surfaces are protected. The skips longer sides must be parallel    to the edge of the high way and as near to the edge of the carriageway as is reasonable without obstructing water drainage or access to manholes or other Cardiff Council apparatus.
  • Access to premises may not be obstructed unless prior permission has been
  • Skips may not be longer than 5m and wider than 2m.
  • Builders Skips Markings Regulations 1984 (SS1 1984/No 1933) and BS AU 154 are applicable for skip markings.
  • Skips need to be clean and free of tarpaulin or sheeting obstruction.
  • At least 3 (three) traffic cones to be placed on highway in an oblique line on the approach side of the skip.
  • Yellow battery operated lamps to be placed in each corner of the skip at night from half an hour before sunset until half an hour after sunrise. These lamps may not be less than illumination value of 1 candela.
  • Inner city skips to be placed on timber frames so as to protect the footways.
  • No disallowed items to be placed in the skips (including gas cylinders, explosives, animal waste, batteries, any kind of oil, paint, chemicals and glue, laptops, televisions, phones, lighting, electrical equipment, and tyres.
  • Skips need to be covered at all times.
  • Loading skips should not impede normal activities of pedestrians or traffic.
  • Skips need to be emptied no longer than 2 days after being filled.
  • No skip may remain on the highway for any reason after the permit has expired.
  • Applications need to be made to council in the manner that they have specified. Council uses my MiPermit portal for skip applications which must be made no less than one working day in advance.
  • Refunds will only be paid in accordance with council’s terms and conditions.
  • Skips may not be placed in bus or rear lanes without prior permission having been
  • All skip waste to be cleared of properly and no waste to be left on the highway ensuring that the highway is free of any waste and debris.
  • Renewal of a license is not automatic and application to renew should be made at least three days in advance.
  • Additional charges may applicable if the skip is placed in a Pay and Display parking

The full version of the Cardiff Council Terms and Conditions are available here:

Once the application has been approved, the applicant will be notified by email and their bank account will be debited immediately.  Permits are for individual skips.  The costs are:

7 day permit per skip £35.00

28 day permit per skip £70.00

There is a Non-Observance Penalty of £300 for not abiding by terms and conditions.