Tips on Keeping Colwyn Bay Tidy

Colwyn Bay is a scenic seaside resort town overlooking the Irish sea and is primarily known for its quaint and relaxing aesthetics. Its pristine and peaceful atmosphere is the primary reason it has become one of Conwy County Borough’s top tourist destinations. As the bay thrives in the tourist trade, it is apparent why we will need to keep our dainty town spick and span. 

We will be going through some tips that will help guide the community to do their part in maintaining our lovely town. And trust us when we say we know a thing or two about keeping areas clean based on our years of experience in the waste management and skip hire in Colwyn Bay. 

Cleaning Colwyn Bay – Visualizing the Goal and Accomplishing the Task

Our beautiful seaside town’s treasure is, without a doubt, the Colwyn Bay. As a community, we must make sure our town, as well as the beach, is always protected and clean. Not only are trash and litter unsightly, but it can also damage the overall ecosystem if the area. Now, a single individual won’t be able to accomplish this massive task on their own. Which is why we have come up with several ideas on how to keep Colwyn Bay tidy. 

Enlisting Volunteers and Scheduling the Cleanup Drive

As we have stated earlier, this is not a one-person job. If you wish to keep Colwyn Bay clean, it needs the collective effort of the people. Organizing a beach cleanup alongside friends, families, and anyone interested in maintaining the environment is the first logical step here. Spread the word! You can either go house to house, post on popular social media websites or your local newspaper. 

Now, when would be the best time to schedule the beach cleanup? That would be before and after the summer season when tourists will surely be flocking in by the boatloads. As for what time of the day, we recommend doing the cleanup drive when the tide is low. Why? Well, it will be easier to find and pick up trash once the tide has receded further down the sea. 

Get Your Cleanup Drive Approved by the Local Officials

Since you will be doing something for the community, expect the cleanup drive to be approved by the local authorities of Colwyn Bay in a jiffy. However, it is always better to do these things by the book, no matter how good the intentions are. Go to the municipal hall or at the police station to have your beach cleanup plan stamped and approved. 

Inject Some Fun into It

Let’s face it; cleaning up trash is not exactly something that screams “fun”. However, we can always give such chores a much-needed kick in that area by transforming a cleanup drive into a community event. Maybe ask the authorities if you can borrow an audio system to blast some tunes while the cleaning is underway. Plan out some exciting games and prizes for those who manage to collect the most trash. You can also think about inviting the North Wales Pioneer to cover the event. 

Be Prepared

Make sure that you and everyone who will participate in the cleaning of Colwyn Bay is adequately prepared for the undertaking. You should also be aware of “microplastic” wastes that can be easily digested by the animals living in Colwyn Bay.